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EquineCare Probiotic 1 Litre

EquineCare Probiotic is a topical spray for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions caused by mud fever and rain scald. The spray aids treatment by introducing billions of beneficial microbes that outcompete the pathogens causing the condition. It needs to be sprayed daily (if possible) until the infection is cleared.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jane Swales

This really works, and so easy.

Hi Jane

Yay...glad you are happy with our probiotic spray. Thanks for your review.

Donna and the ECP team.

Karryn McDonough
Love 💞 love the product

This is the best product I have found for greasy heal. I use it at work everyday. We had one horse with chronic greasy heal it is now under control. I spray heals everyday just keep it under control.

Hi Karryn.

Thanks for your review. Glad to hear it has helped your horse. It is definitely great as a preventative.

Thanks Donna and the ECP team.

Jacqui Gatt
Great product

I purchased this product for a skin issue on my horses face and it was great , plus I have it now for all the other uses if my horse gets other issues

Thanks for your review Jacqui. Glad to hear it helped your horse with the skin issue. We love having it on hand for any bacterial or fungal conditions that crop up. Treating early or prevention is always good when it comes to infection.

stephen Tate

Fantastic product. I would not go anywhere else

Thanks for your review Stephen. Glad to hear you love our spray as much as we do.

Deb Grey
Greasey heal

After fetlock surgery our horse Maggie developed greased heal which we would clear away with prednoderm( green goo) wrap, but it would return stronger than ever so swapped with the probiotic spray slowly at first ie little improvement the first week, then healthier looking skin and hair growing back thicker. Sprayed twice a day. About 3 weeks and only two spots high each side just under the fetlock which are finally resolved after a few more weeks spraying once a day mostly. We are also using on hooves and so far happy they definitely are healthier under neith this year, hopefully stay that way for rest of winter. Thanks

Hi Deb
Really happy your horse is feeling better now. Yes, it is good to use as a preventative, especially throughout winter. If your place is anything like ours there has been a lot of rain!