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EquineCare Probiotic 1 Litre

EquineCare Probiotic is a topical spray for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions caused by mud fever and rain scald. The spray aids treatment by introducing billions of beneficial microbes that outcompete the pathogens causing the condition. It needs to be sprayed daily (if possible) until the infection is cleared.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The Clydie Club
Great stuff

Been using this for about 1 year now, love it. I buy 3 bottles at a time to use on my 5 Clydesdales and to not run out. Originally purchased to help with greasy heal, but use it for everything. The greasy heal has taken longer to heal than expected but we are getting there. Had to trim the feather to get right into the greasy heal. Great for rain scald.

Janet, Canberra
Happy customer!

I recently bought a horse who had a horrible case of greasy heel on three white socks/fetlocks, and some rain scald on forehead/lip and two shins .... I did as described, diligently spraying the sites every day (took a couple of weeks for the horse to trust that’s all I was going to do) - I think I’m up to 4 litres but have finally got on top of it all.... Rain scald cleared very quickly, greasy heel was more tenacious (two months and only tiny scabs in a couple of spots left). I’m now just spraying those and fetlocks when I see the skin more bright pink than usual. We haven’t had a relapse. Very happy with the product and am spraying on frogs etc as a preventative measure during the winter season. I loved that simply being persistent and spraying the area did the trick on greasy heel that had got such a hold. Janet, Canberra

Anne S
Amazing stuff

This is my second large bottle. It’s done wonders for my horses thrush and general hoof health. I’ve also used it on a few skin issues and it works like a miracle. No longer do we just put white cream on everything we use this!

Kerri Blair

This stuff is amazing best treatment I have ever used for mud fever and I have used a lot 👍

Hi Kerri

Thanks so much for your review. Really happy our probiotic spray has helped your horse.

Marc Conners

Always optimistic when trying new products but this equine care probiotic has delivered. We've applied it to some fungus on horses white legs and within a week, totally cleared up. Good product

Hi Marc

Good on you for trying new products and I'm glad ours delivered for your horse. The best thing about using our probiotic spray is that it's natural and non toxic and as you can see, effective.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write us a review.

Donna and ECP team.