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Many of our clients call EquineCare Probiotic Topical spray a miracle product - looking at over 40 recent reviews 95% gave it 5 stars. We know how much you love your horse and look forward to being part of your horse care and health program.

Our innovative probiotic spray for horses, a cutting-edge solution designed to support the overall well-being of your equine companions. We have been established in the NZ and Australian market for over 5 years with thousands of happy customers.

Our probiotic spray for horses is formulated with the utmost care, emphasizing quality and a commitment to equine wellness. Easy to apply, it provides a convenient way to integrate a proactive approach to your horse's daily care routine. Designed with the horse's comfort in mind, our probiotic spray is a testament to our dedication to fostering a happy and contented equine life.

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