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Why should I use EquineCare Probiotic Stable and Kennel spray?

Our product is safe, non-toxic and totally natural. As it poses no risk to your animal, you or the environment it is an excellent option for reducing odours and adding beneficial microbes to your animals environment. 

 How do I use EquineCare Probiotic?

Our product comes in an easy to use spray bottle. For stables and kennels it can be diluted with 1:5 parts water. If spraying rugs or tack just use undiluted for best results. 

Is it suitable for foals, the elderly and immunocompromised horses?

Yes! As our formula only introduces “good guys” into the environment it is perfectly safe for horses of any age and health level.

Does EquineCare Probiotic have an expiry date?

Because it contains live micro-organisms, our formula has a shelf life of 8 months, to ensure it remains at optimum efficacy. Beyond this point, it will still work but may become less potent over time.