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EquineCare Probiotic Stable and Kennel Spray 1 Litre

Reduce the use of chemicals in your animal's environment with our odour reducing microbial spray. Spray stables, rugs and tack or your dog's kennels and dog beds with our proprietary blend of beneficial microbes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Peter cooper
Probiotic spray

2nd time I've bought
Great product
Is the only thing that hss worked on my clydie cross s greasy heal.
Will be buying it again

Probiotic Spray

I've used this spray for greasy heel and hard scabs and it is fantastic

Brenda Veenbaas
Must have stable product!

This spray is liquid gold for my mare as I often treat skin problems in one particular leg that suffers lyphagtitis infections. Helps with the wart like crusts that build up around hoof and patchy hair. LOVE it and am so appreciated that this product helps. Thank you 💜 Brenda Veenbaas

Leeanne Rankin
Probiotic spray

This has to be the best product I have ever come across, I tried everything on my horses back legs, flakey, greasy skin, she had it all year round I have tried so many products but nothing worked, someone suggested this product and Wow!
3rd day in and it was was completely gone, by the 7th day as reccomended beautiful clean legs. Even seedy toe cleared that up Every tack box should have this. It is truly Amazing

Hi Leeann...thanks so much for your review on our page. Really happy our spray helped your horse...that is a really fast result for greasy heel. If you've got any spray left you can use it as a preventative with a once or twice weekly spray or just keep a close eye out for any bacterial or fungal conditions that invariable crop up...or thrush.

Have a lovely day.

Thanks Donna and ECP team.

Denise Panozzo

I have used this product on my house cow as she seemed to have some sort of greasy heap on her back legs. A quick spray each day during the wet times and it has kept it under control

Hi Denise

Thanks for your review on our probiotic spray. Really happy it has helped your house cow. If you have some left it can be used as a preventative with a once or twice weekly spray.

Kind regards

Donna and ECP team.