As scientists come to understand the power of probiotics, the more incredible benefits they are finding.
Beneficial microbes are being studied around the world, revealing all sorts of different uses for their amazing properties! Microbes are being used in hundreds of different industries, with products being developed for use in soil health, animal husbandry, recycling, environment protection and sustainability.

For too long now, we have been using chemical biocides, fertilizers and antibiotics to resolve bacterial and other issues. All of these contribute to antibiotic resistance and many health issues, not only in humans and animals, but also the soil and environment.
Microbial diversity is the key to a healthy environment in all of these cases.

Antibiotics and chemical biocides have their place. However, overuse is where known issues can arise. The soil, our household environment, humans and animals, can all be stripped of the natural microbial diversity they have as part of their natural biology.

When we use a chemical biocide, these products kill all microbes, good and bad, creating a void. It is well proven that pathogenic, or bad bacteria, are then able to fill this void more efficiently than beneficial bacteria.

Using a blend of beneficial microbes that work and live together, creating a healthy environment ( that can overpower the bad bacteria) (and) promoting well being, should be the first option for a healthy outcome moving forward.